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How can I use LotusScript to remove all attachments and save them in a specified location?

I am trying to use LotusScript behind a button to remove all attachments and save them in a specified location. How can I do this? I was able to locate code on another site that provided code to remove an attachment, but they're deleted when I need to save them. I would like to use this to:

  1. run against a mailbox file and strip off and save the attachments and
  2. run against the Notes directory and remove and save ID files to a specified location.

Can you help?

What you will need to do is to grab the attachment as an embedded object from your document using the NotesDocument class. This is done by using the method Set notesEmbeddedObject = notesDocument.GetAttachment(fileName ) from your NotesDocument.

You will then have the actual attachment stored in the notesEmbeddedObject object. This class contains the methods "ExtractFile" and "Remove." With the first one, you can save the attachment to a specified location, and then once that has been successful, use the remove option to remove the attachment from the document. Don't forget to call the Save method from the NotesDocument class to save the document without the attachment.

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