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How can I validate a Rich Text field? And which access level wins?

How can I validate a Rich Text field? Can I use JavaScript and LotusScript? If so, how?

Also, in a database, one user is assigned in GroupA and GroupB. In GroupA the user has Reader access level, and in GroupB the user has Author access level. Which access level applies to this user?
To answer the second part first, the user who is in both groups would have Author access level -- when a user is contained in multiple groups, he or she is given the highest access level allowed of any of the groups.

Yes, you can validate a Rich Text field with JavaScript and LotusScript. With LotusScript, you can use the FieldGetText method on the NotesUIDocument class to get a regular string to test. Here is a quick example of validating a Rich Text field with LotusScript:

 Dim uiws As New NotesUIWorkspace,
 uidoc As NotesUIDocument
 Dim sRichText As String
 Set uidoc = uiws.CurrentDocument
 sRichText = uidoc.FieldGetText("rt")
 ' Sample Validation code
 If sRichText = "" Then
  Msgbox "please input rich text"
  Msgbox "the rich text entered is: " + sRichText
 End If
And here is a similar example of JavaScript code to do the same thing, in this case using the DOM to access the value of a field named rt.
sRichText = document.
// Sample validation code
if (sRichText == "") 
alert("Please input some rich text")
alert("the rich text you entered is: "
 + sRichText)

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