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How can users log on from any PC?

We have nearly 1,000 Notes users in our environment. 95 % of these users are running R4.6 clients, while the other 5% are running R5 clients. The majority of our servers are R5.

We plan to upgrade all Notes servers and clients to R6.03 at the end of November. Our Notes clients are configured as follows.

Each user has an H: drive and an M: drive, which is mapped when they log on to the network.

The H: drive is a private share that has the Notesdata directory installed and the M: drive is a Notes share, which all users have access to.

The system was configured this way to allow our users to log on to Notes from any PC in the office.

We were unable to upgrade from R4.6 to R5 as the option to install to a network is not possible; all files have to be installed locally (C: or D: drive, according to a source at IBM).

In R6 there is roaming functionality, which can be applied to all users' Person documents and which apparently allows users to log on from any PC in the office. Is this the feature in R6 that allows us to log on from any PC? When upgrading to R6, is there an option to install to a network drive as per our setup?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Roaming users is the feature you are looking for, but it must be installed locally. It uses the Windows profiles to store everyone's basic files (toolbar icons, templates and the like) and their ID, names.nsf, bookmark.nsf and others are then copied down from a server when they launch Notes and authenticate themselves. I don't see a need for a network install anymore. The drive space used is minimal. With proper security (on the Windows side), a person's local files are protected from others. Roaming users are how you should proceed in this case.

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