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How can we minimize the amount of stored data in a Domino database with LEI?

We are developing a new application using Lotus Notes with Lotus Workflow. We want to minimize the amount of data stored in the Domino database in order to enhance the performance. We are thinking of using LEI with DB2 database. We are going to implement the LEI real-time activity (specifically Virtual Field Mapping). We cannot determine the exact number of documents, but it is around 300,000 documents per year.

Does LEI enhance the performance over using a native Domino database? At what point can it enhance the performance and what is the best LEI mapping type to do so? Should I use the LEI mapping for the application database, archive database or log database? What are the recommendations for implementing LEI? Thanks and best regards.
Given that this is a new application and you are planning to use virtual fields, I would recommend that you also (strongly) consider virtual documents. Why not have all the data in DB2 right from the start?!?! I think that you will find LEI does not enhance the performance over a native Domino database, but it should also not cause a noticeable degradation of performance. The key factors to remember in ensuring performance when using LEI is sufficient memory for any large queries you might need to perform and a combination of bandwidth and connectivity to the external data source. If there are several network hops from the Domino server to the DB2 server, your application's response time will suffer.

Sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean by "the best LEI mapping type." If you would like to post another question with more specific details, I'll be happy to respond.

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