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How do I forward multiple e-mails to numerous people?

How do I forward multiple e-mails to a number of people? Should I select a number of e-mails and then forward each mail to each person in the To field?
There are several possible scenarios that fit your question:

Scenario 1: I have 10 e-mails, the contents of which I want to send to three people. It does NOT matter that the e-mails are combined into one larger e-mail.
Answer 1: Just select the documents in the view and choose Forward. The forward function within Notes will combine all of the selected documents into one e-mail (headers and all) and put it on the screen for you to populate the To field, etc. before sending.

Scenario 2: I have 10 e-mails, each of which I want to send to three people. It DOES matter that the e-mails are kept separate upon sending.
Answer 2: If you've got more than one document selected, it asks who you want to send it to (separated by commas). It then goes through each document in the selection, creates a mail document, applies the new Send To list, updates the subject and puts the entire original document inside the new document (just like Forward does). You can go with this (using prompts to get from the NAB the names, etc.) and add other support -- this is just bare-bones (written from memory), but should get you going.

Try the following:

Dim sess As New NotesSession
Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim maildb As NotesDatabase
Dim docs As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim newDoc As NotesDocument
Dim sSendTo As String

Set maildb = sess.CurrentDatabase
Set docs = db.UnprocessedDocs
If docs.Count > 0 Then
sSendTo = InputBox$("Send To:", "Send To:", "")
vSendTo = Evaluate("@Explode(""" & sSendTo & """; "","")")
Set doc = docs.GetFirstDocument()
While Not doc Is Nothing
Set newDoc = maildb.CreateDocument
Set newRT = newDoc.CreateRichTextItem("Body")
newDoc.Form = "Memo"
newDoc.Subject = "Re: " & doc.Subject(0)
Call doc.RenderToRTItem(newRT)
Call newDoc.Send(False, vSendTo)
Set doc = docs.GetNextDocument(doc)
End If

Scenario 3: I have one e-mail I'd like to blast out to possibly hundreds of recipients, and I may need to do it more than once.
Answer 3: Go to Notes.net and look in the Iris Sandbox for the "Shotgun Email" application.

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