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How does COM interface with other apps?

How does COM interface with other applications? Most of the references I find feature accessing Lotus Notes through other apps. I want to access other apps from Notes but am having difficulty with grabbing them or with the syntax of statements. Do you know of any good reference materials?
COM (or OLE2, as they call it these days) interfaces great with other applications! You start with the CreateObject call, but that's when the going gets tricky. LotusScript doesn't have the nice tools you may be accustomed to in VB to automatically provide you the lists of methods and properties for foreign objects.

Fortunately, however, LotusScript and VB are very similar. You can write the OLE part of your script using VB, then copy and paste the resulting code into Notes, and it'll mostly work. LotusScript doesn't have compile-time binding of OLE objects, so you have to declare your objects as variants, but other than that, you're set to go.

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