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How does an Action button on a form that copies Notes data to an Oracle DB work?

ODBC question: I have an Action button on a form that will copy Notes data to an Oracle database via ODBC using LotusScript. Is that code running on my client or on the Domino server? Is the connection from my client to the Domino server to the Oracle server? This is new territory for me, and I need some help understanding what exactly is going on when I press the button. Thanks.
This is a very common question, so take some comfort in knowing that you are in well traveled territory. I have to guess that the LotusScript is in the Click event of the Action button, so the code and connection that is operating completely between your client and Oracle and the Domino server is not involved. That means that deploying this functionality to your users involves installing and configuring the ODBC drivers on every desktop. Unless you have only a handful of users to support, this can be difficult to administer.

Besides, you really should consider using the Oracle Connector instead of ODBC for better performance. If you do (LotusScript uses LS:DO and not the LC-LSX), then you would have to convert it to leverage the Oracle Connector.

Two possible solutions to the client-side problem are to move your Action button code into an agent and call it using the RunOnServer method or use DECS and Realtime-enable the Domino form so that DECS sends the updates to Oracle. Both of these solutions require ODBC and/or Oracle client software to be installed and configured on the Domino server.

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