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How many mail rules can I have on a Notes client?

What is the limit on the number of junk mail rules you can have on the Notes client? I know the limit is 100 on the server, is the client the same?

The client side limit appears to be determined by the number of rules and conditions listed in the "$FilterFormula" and its associated fields, "$FilterFormula_0" and so on, not necessarily by the actual number of rules that are listed in your database mail rules.

To test this out myself, I had previously created a large number of rules, with only a couple of conditions, and I was able to get out past 100 (as has been suggested elsewhere).

I then disabled and cleaned out those rules and created just one or two with a large number of conditions. Same result.

The number of mail rules you can create in your mail database would appear to be tied to the good ol' 64 KB text field size limit, rather than a discrete number of rules and/or conditions.

I presently have 132 rules, and my total field size of $FilterFormula is around 49K, with everything working well.

If anyone else has more definitive information, I would like to hear from them.

Hope this helps.

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