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How to convert Lotus Notes documents to .PDF files LotusScript expert Cregg Hardwick offers several options to a Lotus Domino administrator and developer looking to convert Lotus Notes documents to .PDF files.

Is there an automated way to convert Lotus Notes documents to .PDF files using LotusScript? We have documents that...

need to be converted to .PDF files. What is the best way to do this? Thank you.

I have always had access to the PDF Writer from Adobe, which installs as a print driver and lets you print anything to a PDF file.

If you can't go that route (and Adobe is rather expensive) you might try just searching the Internet for "PDF Generator." You can find a number of commercial tools that are available for a nominal fee.

Or you could take a look at Michael Marcavage's tip, "Creating PDF documents from Lotus Notes" in which he describes a way to use the iText Jar file within Lotus Notes.

I have not run across any LotusScript code to create .PDF files, but SanFace has a tool called txt2pdf for which you can download the source. Converting it to LotusScript should not be too difficult.

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