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How to override default Lotus Notes print settings

Discover how to override default Lotus Notes print settings using LotusScript, Formula language or XML.

How do I override default print settings using LotusScript or Formula language?

In Formula language, use @command([FilePrint]); and @Command([FilP:rintSettings]);. These commands may not do everything you want, but they can be very useful. Look in the Domino Designer Help Index under "filePrint" for details.

LotusScript offers the "Print" method of the NotesUIDocument and NotesUIView classes. The former is pretty basic; the latter has a number of options.

None of these provides the flexibility or control that we have all been requesting for years, but there are other options. For one thing, remember that you can print from a Lotus Notes view using an alternate form, although maintaining such a form can be a pain.

Also, if you are adept at XML and XSLT transformations, you can do amazing things by dumping data to XML and reformatting it via XSLT. For this, you will need the DXLexporter class that is new in Domino R6, or available in Domino R5 using the Lotus XML Toolkit.

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