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How to rename a server

This user wants to know how to rename a server.

I am trying to find information on how to rename a server. I do not want to move the server as I do not have another server to move the users to. Do you have any suggestions?
The way I usually do it is by setting up a fake cluster. I create the new server and put it in a cluster with the old one. I let it sit there for a week or two to allow peoples' cluster.ncf to be updated. And then you can change the server name and people should fail over to the new name.

But be warned: If they have local connection documents, the failover will not occur properly and people will get an error message saying they connected to the wrong server.

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Note from SearchDomino: After reading this response, one reader was puzzled by what was meant by "a fake cluster," and so we asked Michael to elaborate. Here is his response:

By fake cluster, I mean that the new server name is there, but the server doesn't exist yet. If you want to rename the server, create an ID and server document for the new server name. Configure that server document and then add it to the cluster with the current server. When the current server starts up again, turn off the cluster replicators, since it is trying to replicate with a server that does not exist. Now peoples' cluster.ncf files are being updated with the new server info. When the time comes to change the name, you switch the ID files, change the notes.ini variables for server key file name, etc., and the server is up and running under the new name. When people go to hit the "old" server, they will automatically fail over to the new server. After everyone has failed over to the new server, you can safely remove the old server from the cluster. If this is a mail server, you will need to update the people's home server in their location documents. You can write a quick button to do this for you.

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