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How to use Connection Pooling to achieve optimum performance

We are developing an application on the Web using Domino as UI, Oracle as backend and connectivity as thru LSX LC. Multiple users (more than 1000) will be accessing the application. How and where can I use Connection Pooling (using LSX LC)effectively to achieve optimum performance?
There is no exact answer other than "it depends." Here is a note from the documentations:

"Connection pooling works for LotusScript agents because the LSX is loaded and maintained by the process space (that is, whatever process loaded the LSX: the server, the agent manager, http, or some other process). Also, if two agents use the RunOnServer method and they are run at separate times, they both execute in the same process space and pooling works."

I strongly recommend that you read the LC LSX documentation on Connection Pooling to fully understand what it does and how it works. In D6 it's very easy to find - look in Chapter 1 Introduction - Connection Pooling. If you are working with R5 you will have to search for it. In both cases the documentation database is located in the "help" directory on your Notes client and "doc" on a Domino server. While Connection Pooling can offer considerable performance gains, especially in your situation of supporting an application with 1,000 users. However, there are many caveats that you must be aware of and understand before setting LCSession.ConnectionPooling = TRUE.

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