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I need certlog.nsf to rename a user

I have troubles when I try to rename a user's common name, because when I try to change his name in the Domino Administrator 5, a message box appears saying: "The database 'certlog.nsf' does not exist." What can I do? Is there other way to rename the user?
This has always been a pet peeve of mine. I do not know why Domino does not create a certlog.nsf when you install the first server in a domain. It is a necessary database, so why isn't it created? You will need to create the database from the Certification Log template. The database needs to be on your administration server, and it must be called certlog.nsf. Do not put it in a subdirectory; put it in the root Domino data directory. Once you create this database, you should be able to rename the user.

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