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ID file mix-up when user moves temporarily from regional offices and servers to HQ

First of all let me apologize for the complexity and general mess posed in this question.

Background information
Our head office is using Domino 6.5 and a mix of ND6/R5 clients, our regional offices have their own severs running a mix of Domino flavors. Each regional office has its own Domino administrator; we at the head office have no access or admin capability on the regional office servers.

By the way, I am acting as the Domino administrator while our Notes/Domino guru is on holiday. My background is Exchange 5.5, Windows 2000 server and Netware admin with basic Domino admin. All servers are Win2k at the headquarters and in the regional offices.

The problem

  1. A user from one of our regions has been seconded to HQ to do some work for about six months. Someone created her a Notes user account in June but did not check to see if she was already an existing user.

  2. To confuse matters, she is an R5 user and her Notes account was created as if she was using R6. She was given training, but she never used her Notes account or tested it to see if it worked.

  3. This past Monday, the user reported that she did not have any mail in her HQ Notes inbox. User support deleted her current ID file and then used her old HQ ID file with her new account.

  4. In the meantime the user had requested that her regional and HQ accounts use the same password. I found out that one of my servers has a replica of her regional Notes account placed there by the regional administrator.

  5. The problem is that if the user logs into her HQ account, her inbox is in English but it's empty. When she logs into the regional account all the mail is there and in German, as expected.

  6. If I open the user's account as an admin, I can see all the mail in English in her inbox but when she logs in, it's empty.
Any assistance would be gratefully received, as we are a charity and have limited resources.
It sounds like you have several things happening here. First, her ACL on the correct mail file (old one) has to be wrong. My guess is that in her HQ account, she is listed as someone who can only view public documents, which is why the inbox is blank. Most likely she would be able to view calendar entries, if you try that.

Hopefully she didn't have any encrypted e-mail, because only her old ID will be able to view that. Because she was recreated/re-stamped, you will need to use the new ID as her one and only ID. Make the new ID a manager of her mail file and the owner of the mail file in Preferences. Hopefully that will clear up the inability to see mail documents.

The German rendering is a client function. Her German workstation and client will render the documents in German, while your English client will render them in English. Hope this helps.

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