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Importing and exporting data from the .csv file on the Web

How can I import data from the .csv file and export data to the .csv file on Web. Would you provide sample code?
This is done quite often and can work well, but requires Lotus Script or Java to accomplish this via a browser or ftp. You will need to have the file uploaded via the upload control in a browser or enable ftp to Drop the file on the server. Once the file is there you can use a scheduled Lotus Script agent to import or parse the data and post each row into a form. You may also easily write document data out to a .csv file using the "write" statement in Lotus Script.

Reading a .csv

Open ifileName For Input As ifileNum

Do While Not Eof(ifileNum)
Input #ifileNum, string1$, string2$, maybe_a_number%
Doc.string1 = string1
Doc.string2 = string2
Doc.maybe_a_number = maybe_a_number%
Call, false)
Close ifileName

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