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Inbox pointers to documents have disappeared

We are currently running Domino 6.5.3 on our servers and also using the 6.5.3 client. Several users have complained of losing all the documents in their inbox and/or folders. These documents are still in the All Documents view, but the "pointers" in the inbox and sometimes the folders are all gone. Is there an explanation for this behavior in Notes? How can we restore these "pointers" to their original locations within the mail file?
I am familiar with the old "new messages not showing up in the inbox" trick. This is usually due to caching, an index or corruption problem in the ($Inbox) design element in the database. Every document will, of course, show up in the "All Documents" view (which is one of the reasons we love Notes).

Try these steps (in order of extremity), and stop once the problem becomes resolved.

  1. Opening the database from another client or even directly from the server's client. If the documents are visible, it is most likely a local Notes client cache problem. Delete Cache.dsk.

  2. Rebuild -- locally -- the view from the Notes client ([Shift] + [F9]).

  3. Rebuild -- locally -- all the database views ([Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F9]).

  4. Run Fixup on the database.
At that stage, you have exhausted all of the options regarding recovery of a problematic view or folder, and the next resort is to replace the design of the database. Unfortunately, replacing the design will not recover or repair broken "pointers," so any documents that are not showing up in the correct place after the steps outlined above will only be able to be manually repaired.

The one issue I have with your question is that "several" of your users are experiencing this problem. If this is the case, and the users are all located on the same home server, I would be taking a good look at the mail template on that server to make sure there aren't any corruptions in the design elements in the template.

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