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Install applications without cross certifying

Our company is new to Lotus Notes application development. We are developing Lotus Notes based internal applications to automate workflows and knowledge sharing in the organization. We are also using Lotus Notes as our email/calendaring platform.

We are currently using our production server as a development server as well. In order to test our applications, we create test user id/group ids. These are listed in our "production" address book.

We tried to set up a separate development server under a different domain from the production server so that the development team can "play" with the environment without risking the production environment. However, when we need to deploy the application in the production domain, we find that we need to cross-certify the application on the production server with the development domain.

Is it possible to "Install" applications developed outside the production domain without having to cross certify? Some thing like installing a shrink wrapped product bought off the shelf.

We have taken the following steps to avoid the issue. Our development domain is cross certified with the production domain. Development has a high level certificate from production so it can authenticate production IDs. Production is cross certified with development, therefore, development IDs cannot access production. We do our design work using production IDs and sign the final product with a "template" ID so that ECLs can be set to allow this ID to unction. We also include the ID in the prediction admin group and local domain servers. Since this ID is from the production domain, there is no cross certification needed. The only issue arises when production ID's first access development, the user is asked to accept the development certificate. We also restrict access to the development domain to only those users we wish to have access. This prevents individuals from playing in development who should not. It also helps keep unit and system tests of applications from being corrupted.

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