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Insufficient disk space

I have installed Domino App server 5.0 on an NT 4.0 server. My C: partition is 650 MB with NT installed 645 mb are used, therefore hard drive space is 6kb. My problem is when a user attaches a file it creates a file in my C:temp directory and gives the user an error message of "insufficient disc space" when I delete the items in the C:temp directory it solves the problem. Is there a way to make Domino send temp files to a different temp directory???

Domino uses whatever location you have set for your NT temp directory as your Domino temp directory. I wont say that I am a NT expert, but I know where the changes go. Right click on my computer, then go to the environment tab. This is where you change the location of your winNT temp directory. It is recommended to put your temp directory on a drive that has quite a bit of space. This will also make WinNT run faster for you as well.

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