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Integrate Domino 7 beta with DB2

How can I integrate Domino 7 beta 2 with DB2? I want to use the new technique that IBM provided with Domino 7 beta 2 to access the DB2 database.
You have a few options to integrate your Domino 7 applications with DB2 that do not involve or require using DB2 as the [only] data store for Domino. (Note: Using DB2 instead of the standard Domino NSF is a new optional feature available with Domino 7.) You can use Lotus Enterprise Integrator ("LEI") and any of the activities it provides -- Data Management for pushing and pulling data on schedule or event, or RealTime for interacting with the DB2 data when you create, edit and/or delete documents via your Domino applications.

For programmatic changes to DB2 data -- i.e., those integrations that have business rules that do not fit neatly into the controls provided by LEI, you can use the Lotus Connector LSX and code custom integrations.

Another feature that was introduced in the Domino 6 product release is the Data Connection Resource, or "DCR." DCRs are shared resources that can be referenced within the properties of a Field. For complete details on DCRs, look in the Design Help Database (thankfully it's pretty detailed and useful help).

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