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Integrating an ActiveX DLL into Domino

We have a group tied to Microsoft development that has developed an ActiveX DLL with methods and properties that performs functionality they created. Now they want us to integrate that into our Domino application. How can we get Notes to recognize the methods and properties to use in LotusScript?
The Designer client makes registered ActiveX components available in the IDE. First make sure that the AciveX component is registered in Windows. Have a look here to see how to do that: http://trixar.com/~makai/regx.htm

When the component is registered it and its properties and methods should be available from the Designer client. Just to show you where this is, try this example:

Create a blank database.
Create a form.
Create a button on the form.
Highlight the button.
In the "Run" drop-down select LotusScript.
To the left of the code-window you should have two tabs - labelled Objects and Reference.
Select Reference.
From the drop down select OLE Classes.
(Wait for Notes to read from the Windows configuration.)
Now have a look at what's available to you. Those are all OLE and ActiveX servers and objects and you can now navigate their properties and methods. No Online-help available - sorry.

If you are unsure of how to begin mixing LotusScript with the objects, methods and properties of your ActiveX component I would suggest that you take a look at the Sandbox in the Lotus Developer Domain Web site (http://www.lotus.com/ldd). Do a search on OLE and find some examples of integrating MS Word with Notes or something similar.

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