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Is IBM Lotus planning to support SVG?

There's a new graphics format coming over the horizon called SVG (scalable vector graphics). It's been adopted by the W3C, the Web consortium. It's basically a pure XML format; it uses XML to fully describe a graphic object, or even a multi-page document, fonts, images, everything.

Do you know if IBM/Lotus is planning to support this format in the near future? Specifically in Domino, since we use Notes/Domino in so many ways. I could see it as a good alternative to PDF for those one-off graphics that we do so many of. Multi-page stuff would probably be better with PDF, but, at least in the Web version of our pubs, SVG would allow an inline rendering of the graphic, without the user having to open up Acrobat.
As far as I know, you can already embed and use SVG in Domino 6.5. It can easily be placed in a Rich Text field and render properly. I have seen examples where people call it from an external source or embed it in Rich Text fields. I would also think the Notes DXL would allow you to create the forms.

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