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Is LotusScript needed to validate fields on form?

A Lotus Notes developer wonders if he needs to learn LotusScript to resolve a problem that stems from trying to validate several fields on a form.

Brad, I am an old Lotus Notes developer (hacker) and I have created a few databases over the years. However I have not learned LotusScript yet, and I think I need to use it for this problem.

I have a form with a field named ALLOY. I need to validate this field using the logic below, if it's empty complain, and if the drop down box in said field ends up selecting NOT LISTED, also complain. Now, the command below works fine. . .


. . .but not when you click out of the field -- it only validates when you save the document. I need it to validate once you click out of the field. I thought a uidoc.refresh would do the trick (my only LotusScript knowledge) on the exit event --and it did -- but unfortunately I have several other fields on this form that also need to be validated, and once you click out of the ALLOY field and the refresh happens it complains about ALL the other empty fields on the form. So I was told I needed to take this command and put it in the exit event of the ALLOY field using LotusScript. I was also told that the syntax would look something like this:

Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
Set uidoc = workspace.CurrentDocument
if (uidoc.fieldgettext <1 then
Messagebox( uidoc.FieldGetText
( "MISSING BASE ALLOY" ) )else if 
(uidoc.fieldgettext =NOT LISTED
then Messagebox( uidoc.FieldGetText
goto uidoc.field (ALLOY)

However as you can see I have totally messed this up and it doesn't work. Based on what I am trying to do -- validate several fields on a form at the point when you exit (exit event of each field) said field -- what should my LotusScript look like?

There are a few issues here. First, you cannot compare a field value to 1. One is text and the other is numeric, so that may cause a problem. You need to use the Length function to check the size of the field value in order to compare it to 1. It's actually a bit cleaner to just check whether the field value is an empty string.

The other main issue is that you need to specify the field name with the uidoc.FieldGetText call. That function is designed to use the current field if no field name is specified, but by the time you exit the field, the current field could be the next field on the form (if you tabbed out of the field)!

Next, you have not properly closed the parentheses around the second condition (else if…). There are also issues with improper function calls, missing quotes around strings, and you also need an End If statement to close the block.

The last few lines should look more like this:

 If (uidoc.fieldgettext("ALLOY") = "") Then
  Messagebox ("MISSING BASE ALLOY")
  Call uidoc.GoToField ("ALLOY")
 Elseif (uidoc.fieldgettext("ALLOY") =
 "NOT LISTED") Then 
  Messagebox("MUST SEE MARY 
  Call uidoc.GoToField ("ALLOY")
 End If

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