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Is NRPC 1352 secure?

Notes uses NRPC 1352 for client access and it's secure. But I cannot find any documentation on or IBM's Web site that would support this. Do you know of a link or support document for this? I have a client that will not open his firewall. I could use iNotes, but I would like to use the full client.
Secure is all in the setup. A simple notes.ini change on the server will require all traffic to be encrypted between it and any client. You can also require the checking of user certificates and passwords. In the end, you can have a two factor authentication scheme running over an encrypted channel. You can't do that with other systems unless you buy expensive equipment and tokens.


You write: "A simple notes.ini change on the server will require all traffic to be encrypted between it and any client."

I was always under the impression that server-to-client traffic was always encrypted, and that made the use of the Notes client more secure than using iNotes. What's the .ini variable we need to check?

—David S.


Traffic is not encrypted unless you set it. What makes Notes client usage inherently more secure is the need and use of a physical ID file as well as a password. DWA/iNotes only requires a name/pw combo.

If you want to encrypt all network traffic to a server, modify the server's TPCIP= setting to TCPIP=TCP,0,15,0,,45056. "TCPIP" in this case is the port name, and it could be whatever you named it, such as CLUSTER, TCPPORT, etc. Please note that encrypting all traffic does require more bandwidth and usually impacts your server resources by about 10%-15%.

—Mike Lazar, Domino Administration Expert

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