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Is number of possible ACL Roles in a database ACL limited?

A developer wants to know if there is a limit to the number of ACL Roles you can have in a database ACL, and if there are recommended practices as to when and how to use Roles.

Is there any upper limit to the number of ACL Roles you can have in a database ACL? If not, is there any information on best practices, such as when and how Roles should be used? I'm still using R5.011.
There is a limit -- I believe it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 75. I don't believe it has changed in recent versions.

However, if you have a great many different groups of users with specific access rights, it's better to use groups. Roles are intended to govern who can do what types of work in the database -- edit configuration records, create a certain type of document, see accounting records which are private from all other users. If you're using Roles for access control to specific documents, as opposed to a type of document, then you're probably misusing them.

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