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JavaScript causing errors in Lotus Notes client

SearchDomino.com expert Andre Guirard troubleshoots why JavaScript might cause errors in the Lotus Notes client when a document has been submitted and is stored in the Notes client.

I have read the advice about using JavaScript on the Web, and Formula language in Lotus Notes. My problem is that JavaScript causes errors in the Lotus Notes client when the document has been submitted and is stored in the Lotus Notes client. What do I do to avoid this? I am using JavaScript to validate fields on the Web before the user submits the request.

Pull down the "Run" combobox and select "Client" instead of "Web." There's probably some code in there that's messing you up. You can have two sets of code for each JavaScript event -- one for the Web and one for the Notes client, and you can only see one at a time.

If that doesn't help you solve the problem, then perhaps you could show your code and tell what error you're getting and on what line.

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