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LC LSX vs DB2 LSX for data storage

Hi, we are developing a Web-based Domino application that will store most data in UDB rather than Domino itself.

We are choosing between LC LSX and DB2 LSX. Our concerns are:

  1. DB2 LSX is outdated.
  2. LC LSX is tedious to code, compared with DB2 LSX.
  3. Can we safely tell programmers that all SQL statements can be coded if we choose LC LSX? The documented way for SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE looks tedious.

I agree with your first point that the DB2 LSX is outdated and should not be considered for use today. Having considerable experience with both, I disagree with your second point that the LC LSX is more tedious than the DB2 LSX. The LC LSX is a more generic interface than the old DB2 LSX, because it was written based upon the LEI API and Lotus Connector Toolkit model of interfacing with external systems. Also, the documentation leaves much to be desired and can leave you frustrated on many occasions. However, I suggest that you (and your programmers) give it about two weeks and the learning curve will relax as you become more familiar with the class model and the objects within it.

Regarding your third point, the short answer is: "Yes, you can safely execute SQL statements via the LC LSX." However, there are other connection methods available besides the "Execute" that do not require you to programmatically build an SQL statement within your LotusScript code. You can also call the "Select" and "Call" methods, which work with LCFieldList objects and stored procedures, respectively. I hope this helps! If not, let me know.

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