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Legal disclaimer insertion issue

Hi Debbie. I have always enjoyed your presentations at the Admin conferences. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this year. But I am sure you will be your usual impressive self as always. This is a question I would have liked to ask in person, but I will have to settle for an e-mail response. Anyway, here is my question?

We have added a "legal content/privacy disclaimer" to our messages, both external and internal. The current disclaimer we use was set up by a previous administrator and is added to the bottom of the R5 memo as soon as the sender clicks the send button. The problem with this is that when a user forwards the message, the disclaimer is inserted one more time as soon as the send button is clicked again. We are in the process of upgrading to ND6 and I would like to know if there is a better way to accomplish this in the newer version of Notes.
The only way you can use a "native" implementation of the disclaimer in 6 is from Domino Web Access (iNotes). It is built into the template, but only for browser access. On the other hand, it seems that depending on when your disclaimer is being added, you might be able to check to see if the email is being forwarded, etc. and not add it in those cases. If it is being added by the "send" button code, this should be able to be done.

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