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Limit of documents on a Domino doc server

I intend to far exceed 400,000 documents on a Domino doc server. I need to know what the document limit is. Is there a limit per library? Is there a limit per server? Would using Windows Advanced Server with 8 GB RAM or Windows Datacenter Server with 16 GB RAM increase the achievable document count? I am currently using Windows 2000 with 4 GB. What about other platforms? Thanks.
There is a theoretical limit to the number of documents, but it's at least 2^28 (don't know exactly). You shouldn't have a problem there. The size limit of a Notes database is the file size limit of the operating system. If it looks like this will be an issue, you can use Lotus Enterprise Integrator to virtualize part or all of the data (e.g., you could just virtualize file attachments to DB2, using it as a mass data store).

The real limiting factor is performance. That many documents will slow things, particularly if you're not careful in designing your forms and views. Refer to IBM Redbook Performance Considerations for Domino Applications, SG24-5602, for guidelines. Get more IBM redbooks online.

A large number of documents in a Notes database is sometimes a sign that your application is overly relational in structure. You might think about whether you can combine some forms to create a single document out of what are now multiple documents in your current design. Notes multi-valued fields can be used to store tables of related information, one field per column. Tools for editing data in tables are available in the LDD Sandbox.

Member feedback:

If I read this question correctly, I believe Andre missed the point a little. The question was about the Lotus product Domino.Doc or Domino Document Manager, which has a predefined design and an architecture to support the storage of large numbers of documents in logical file cabinets that are in fact made up of many physical nsf files.

-- John S.

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