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Lookups of encrypted fields?

I am creating a performance appraisal database. The database contains salary ranges based on grades. The managers will need to have access to all grades/salaries that are equal to or below their own. I want to be able to use a lookup and access these encrypted fields, but I've not been successful.

I have tried using profile document, but this bypasses the encryption. I have also tried using @GetDocField, but this didn't work either. Is there any way to access encrypted field values using lookups of some sort?
Before the suggestions, the direct answer to your question is no, there isn't a way that I know of, otherwise it would completely bypass the Lotus Notes security and that would not be a good thing.

As far as suggesting alternative solutions, there are two things I can quickly think of.

The first is to use encryption at the right level, namely, instead of encrypting documents, encrypt the whole database. Then give access to the database only to those managers who are at the proper level. This would mean that you would have more than one database, depending on the levels of management in your enterprise. Looking at your Corporate Web Page, I would assume that this might not be a good idea, as the company seems fairly big and might have many levels of management.

The second is, for each employee, to have a main document, which would have the employee name, coordinates and grade level. Given that this is information that can mostly be easily found (either in the corporate directory or via other systems which may be in operation in your organization), there is no need to encrypt it and lookups can be performed on it. You would also have a subordinate document, which would contain information, such as the salary of the employee and any other information of a confidential nature. This document you would then encrypt. The solution would be then that you could do your lookup on the plain-text documents and provide access to the confidential data to people only autorized for that.

There might be other ways (which is why I'm glad to be posting this in this forum so that other people may comment and suggest additional possibilities). But for now, I hope this is of some help to you.

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