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Lotus Notes access error: 'database is not opened yet'

Discover what security settings you need to fix if you encounter the Lotus Notes database error: 'database is not opened yet.'

I have written Web services in Lotus Notes Domino R7, but I receive the error: "database is not opened yet," when trying to access the Lotus Notes database from another Domino server. My Web service is signed with the Lotus Notes ID to run a Web service or agent on the specified Domino server. In a previous post troubleshooting a database Intranetservicio.nsf error, you suggested changing a security setting in Lotus Notes Domino R6; however, I'm using Lotus Notes Domino R7. What security settings should I change for this version?
There are two aspects to look at -- the agent security settings and the Lotus Domino server security settings.

You mentioned that the agent is signed with a Lotus Notes ID that the Domino server allows to run agents -- that is good. The other part is a setting that I believe was new in Lotus Notes Domino R6 that allows Lotus Notes databases on one server to open databases on another server in the background. Prior to Lotus Notes Domino R6, there was no protocol in place to allow that trust.

In either Lotus Notes Domino R6 or R7, you need to open the server document of the Lotus Domino server that contains the target database and add the name of the server containing the Web service to the "Trusted Servers" field on the "Security" tab.

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