Lotus and MQ-Series have to work together

We face a situation where Lotus and MQ-Series have to work together. The mainframe transaction is published via MQ-Series. The users want to have "interactive" request calls to MQSeries from its Lotus Notes Client:

-without installing MQ-Series classes on each client.
-where data are send from a form (or a in a dialog) in the Notes Client
-processed by "an agent" in the Notes Server, which use the MQ queue
-where MQ return message is processed by the same agent
-which send data back to the notes client
-which display it in a form or a dialog.

It seems to us that this model is "strange" and "unnatural" for intensive use, but that it is the only way to have an "interactive" application:

-running in Lotus Notes Client
-and sending and receiving message from MQ-Series.

Does a product allow you to display simili-views and simili-form in Notes client where data is coming from MQ-Series messages without having been stored in the Domino database?
Bon Jour Yves! Since there is no MQSeries Connector you cannot do any integration using LEI. However, using the Java Classes for MQSeries (with MQ v5.1+) you can definitely implement your scenario on the Lotus R5 platform. You would need to install the MQSeries client software and Java classes on your Domino server. The client application would most likely perform an Agent.RunOnServer call to execute a Java agent that would perform the interaction MQ. When you make the RunOnServer call (with R5.0.2+) you can pass it the NoteID of your Notes document. This is how the Java code will find the appropriate document to act upon.

Unfortunately, the only thing passed back to your client calling the agent is a status - 0 for success. The challenge for you is to efficiently respond to the user?s request. There are a number of creative solutions to handle this and your key will be using the NoteID parameter. Bon chance!!!

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