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LotusScript to print PowerPoint

I am using Lotus Script to print a MS PowerPoint Presentation and need to specify the output type to print speaker notes instead of slides.

When setting the PrintOptions.OutputType I am getting the error "Invalid Enumeration Value." Can you review my code and let me know what I am doing wrong or what the valid types are?

Call object.extractfile(fname)
Set app = createobject "PowerPoint.application")
app.visible = True
Print("Printing PowerPoint Attachment")
app.ActivePresentation.PrintOptions.OutputType = ppPrintOutputNotesPages

This is really a Powerpoint Question and I'm not sure of an answer. However, the code you submitted is assigning a variable called ppPrintOutputNotesPages to the output type. This variable is not defined anywhere in the code you submitted. If it isn't supposed to be a variable, maybe it should be a string in quotes.

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