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Mailbox disk space

We're running Notes on the AS/400...is there a way I can tell how much disk space my mailboxes are using? I can get toal/avail disk space but I want to know how much space mailboxes are taking on our system.
Hi Robert, Thanks for the question.

The easiest way to determine mail file size would be to use the R5 Domino Administrator. From this client, the 'Files' tab would show the information you need.

If you use a release prior to R5, I would recommend using a PC Windows client to attach to the 400 and view the mail folder contents using windows explorer.

Dig Deeper on Domino Resources - Part 7

Mailbox store organization I inherited an Exchange 2003 Enterprise server that was configured with a single Information Store and a single Mailbox Store which is currently at 200 GB and growing. Included in this Information Store is a Public Folder store as well. These all reside on a 400 GB partition which has 120 GB of available space. Clearly I need to reorganize the Mailbox Store. My plan is to create three more storage groups (I already have a Recovery Storage Group) and create several smaller Mailbox Stores. My question is: What will be the best approach for breaking this down? I had originally planned to begin moving the mailboxes into the new stores in batches rather than a single, one-day reorganization, but, I don't think I'll be able to reclaim all of my disk space until I do an off-line defragmentation of the database. I'd appreciate any advice or articles available to help me with this project.

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