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Meeting windows won't appear on Sametime 7 with Sametime Connect 3 client

When connecting to a Lotus Sametime 7 server with the Sametime Connect 3 client, meeting windows may not appear. SearchDomino.com's Sametime administration expert Mathew Newman explains how to fix this Lotus Sametime software compatibility issue.

I'm running Lotus Sametime 7 on Notes/Domino 7; the Sametime client is 3.1. My chat sessions work well, but when I try to start a meeting -- audio, video, etc. -- the windows don't appear. Actually, it seems like the buttons don't work. The Web version, which is Sametime Connect, works fine.
I'm fairly sure that you're dealing with a Lotus Sametime software compatibility issue here (which is the equivalent of creating a document with Word 2003 and trying to opening it with Word 97). But then again, I haven't tried connecting to a Lotus Sametime 7 server with Sametime Connect 3. I did manage to find a Connect 2 client, but it just threw me out with an "incompatibility" error once I connected to my Sametime 7 box.

The easiest way to correct this issue is to have the same client/server version running. Open a browser, go to http://yourserver/stcenter.nsf, and then download and install the Sametime Connect 7 client.

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