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Migrating Lotus Notes database to UDB

We are planning to migrate a Lotus Notes application to J2EE. Can you please tell me steps for migrating a Lotus Notes database to UDB?

There are several approaches:

  1. Build the relational tables and use DECS (Domino Enterprise Connectivity Services) to map the document fields to relational columns.
  2. Consider using a more sophisticated tool like Lotus Enterprise Integrator or third party tools from Percussion, Casahl or Trilog Group.
  3. Build a Java program that accesses Domino data through the Domino Java API and pushes the data to the relational tables using JDBC calls.
  4. Convert the Domino data to XML using DXL and push it through an XML/relational bridge. This approach allows you to be independent of the database (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2).
  5. It is possible that Domino 7 with the DB2 back end may have some additional capabilities in the final version.

All these approaches work more or less the same way for structured data (non rich text fields). However, you need more sophisticated tools to convert rich text, attachments, response documents and document metadata using BLOBs or XML data types in newer RDBMS versions.


Fiala Web Development has created a program which allows complete conversion of Notes databases into relational format, including rich-text items or attachments. We also allow for automatic conversion of the complete Notes documents into HTML, PDF or Word. You can find more information here.

—Johannes F.

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