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Modifying LotusScript code for date and time handling

Discover some LotusScript code that can be implemented to forward Lotus Notes email messages at specific times.

I've created several helpful email-forwarding scripts, but I want to tweak one. I'd like to test date and time handling by having email forward only between certain times and dates. Is there a simple way to do this?
You can LotusScript similar to the following:
Dim RightNow as new NotesDateTime("Now")
Dim StartTime as new NotesDateTime
("01/01/2001 08:00:00 AM")
Dim EndTime as new NotesDateTime
("01/01/2001 05:00:00 PM")

If RightNow>StartTime and 
RifghtNow<EndTime then
   ' send mail
End if

For more information on using the LotusScript DateTime class, consult the Domino Designer help.

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