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Monitoring Domino/LEI to identify replication problem

We want to replicate about 60.000 records from a Microsoft Access-database with a Notes database. We set up a test environment on a single CPU server (192 MB Ram) running NT 4.0 Workstation, Domino 5.0.6a and LEI 3.2. It took about 20 minutes to do the replication (timestamps are not available!). The production server runs the same software but has 2 cpus and 256 MB Ram. Here the replication (same Connections and Activities as in the test environment) takes 2 hours!

What could cause this strange behavior or how could we monitor Domino/LEI, to find out what could cause this?
As you might expect/hope, the 20 minutes in your test environment sounds like what you should expect for 60k records. It sounds like a potential bandwidth issue. Where were the Access and Notes databases in relation to the test server and where are they now in relation to the production server - i.e. how many hops are there between the database servers? If your network group can they should setup a sniffer to see what is happening to the packets on your production server. If you have additional details post a follow-up questions and I'd be happy to reply again.

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