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Moving data (text) from Lotus database to Oracle

What is the best way to move data (text) from a Lotus database to Oracle?

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Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) has "Direct Transfer" and "Replication" activities which are suitable for doing this. Direct Transfer if you only want to do it once, Replication if you need to keep them in sync. If you can't cost-justify buying LEI for this task, you can also program it yourself using the LC LSX.

In IBM developerWorks for Lotus, there's an article that may be helpful. Be sure to look at the "Replicate Customers" agent in this article's Sandbox download.


I have tried doing LEI to move data from Notes to Oracle. There are couple of issues:

1. The text fields with empty values in Source leaves an unidentified character ( which is not NULL ) of 1 byte. When you try to dump the value of the same column, it shows its ASCII representation of something like 0.

2. If transfer includes data from RTF (text only) to CLOB, it always reflects difference between the source and the target. In another words, all documents are replicated each time the activity runs.

Let me know your thoughts.

—Naveen G.


I have not heard of this 0 byte problem before. This sounds like a support issue. Since I'm not on the LEI team anymore, it's not something I can fix myself.

You might try doing your replication using the agent I mentioned in my note, instead of LEI. Likewise, scripting the transfer yourself might allow you to detect when a rich text field is "the same" better than LEI does -- you might have a special test for that case, if the compare done by the Replicate Customers agent shows a difference between them.

Also, please make sure you're using the correct drivers for Oracle. There are two different "connectors" for Oracle, "oracle" and "oracle8". Check to make sure you're using the right one for your Oracle client version. This is the most common error I've found with Oracle.

Andre Guirard

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