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Moving to inbound Internet SMTP mail

I have a Domino R5 server that hosts several virtual domains. These are mostly Web sites, but some use mail as well. The server is behind a NAT firewall, and has a 192.168 private address. The DNS records for the various virtual hosts and domains are all CNAMEd to my dynamic DNS host name.

I am finally getting ready to migrate to ND6, and I would like to move to the new Internet Sites configuration method, but I have a problem understanding what I need to specify in the SMTP Inbound Site document. In the "host names or addresses mapped to this site" field, do I specify the orimary names (mail.xxx.net, mail.yyy.net, etc), the dynamic DNS names (zzz.tzo.net), the private 192.168.x.y IP address, my dynamic public IP address, or some combination of these? The Administrator 6 help database is sadly lacking in detail for this document. Thanks in advance.
I think you might be complicating this more than you need. Inbound Internet SMTP mail is handled the same way you handle it in R5, with the global domain document and configuration document. If you already have a global domain document listingyour domains and configuration documents for your servers that allow that traffic, you don't need to change or add anything.

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