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NT platform statistics

How can I enable (collect) NT "Platform" statistics monitoring in Statistics Report?

I believe the notes "Performance Monitoring" must be remove from NT first, right?
As a disclaimer, I will say that the platform statistic reporter is not 100% accurate or reliable. There are many documented problems with the statistics that are generated. However, it can provide you with some excellent information. To start, make sure you are using Domino R5.0.5 or above. If you are using NT, the stats only work on Intel hardware, not Alpha. Stats also do not work for Windows 2000. Currently, this feature is slated for RNext for Windows 2000. You must have the notes.ini setting Platform_Statistics_Enabled=1 somewhere in your ini, but avoid the bottom. Domino has a tendency to ignore ini parameters at the bottom of the file. There is also a registry entry that must point to NNOTES.DLL. That is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\notestat\Performance\Library.

If you want disk information, you must be running Diskperf. I am not sure if you have to remove the Notes Performance Monitor from NT. I never install it because it often prevents you from cleanly shutting down the Domino service. IMHO, this feature has never worked right, and it has caused more server crashes than I can remember. It was especially problematic when used in conjunction with Compaq's Insight Manager. Mike

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