Name changes in Sametime

How do you currently handle name changes in Sametime? I am aware of the Sametime Name Conversion Utility, but the Sametime server has to be down in order to run the utility each time, which is not acceptable just for a name change. Do you know of any tools out there that will handle this or any other ways of doing this? It also should be able to change the name within each buddy list that contains the old name, the Sametime Name Conversion Utility does not do this. I hear that in ND7 they are adding an AdminP request to handle this issue. We are on ND6 and on Sametime 3.1. Thoughts?
I am not aware of any alternative, at the moment, to address the Sametime rename issue you have mentioned.

The biggest problem we have come across with trying to access this data (stored in vpuserinfo.nsf) is that, although the lists themselves are stored in Notes items, the items are "arbitrary data," so you cannot use a standard Notes agent to "work around" an easier way to rename users in this list.

It is possible to easily change the common name of the individual's entry in the "storageUserId" item, but the problem we are working on is to use the Java toolkit to log in and programmatically modify the names of the users in the buddy lists stored in the other "Arbitrary Data" fields >0. We often do copy the Note and rename this item to generate "default" buddy lists for clients.

At the moment, we, too, are waiting to see whether ND7 WILL have this support native in the Gold release before pursuing any more development time on an alternate solution.

Given the above, there is one trick I use frequently, and that is to do a standard Domino rename user, and once that is complete, put alternate usernames (i.e., aliases or nicknames) into the "User Name" and/or "Short Name" fields in the person document in the Domino directory. This will allow people who already have the user specified in their buddy lists to still see the user as active, even though they are logged onto Sametime with a different user name. I would also recommend modifying the "storageUserId" in vpuserinfo to match the NEW name for the user, which will maintain that user's own buddy list.

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