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Need doclink in LotusScript to show when doc in DBMS was modified

I have a database with a list of documents. Each document contains one, two or three doclinks to documents in a second database. I want the view in the first database to highlight (by showing an icon) when one (or more) of the documents that the doclinks refer to has changed in the last 28 days. How do I follow a doclink in LotusScript to get the resultant documents' modified date (or some other field)?
You really need to handle this as a periodic process, probably one triggered hourly or daily. You will need an agent to process all the documents and follow the links and, if any of the linked documents has been modified within the last 28 days, set the field to show the icon. In addition, if the documents that are modified have references to where they are linked, you could automatically update the summary document to show the flag.

To check the document, you can use the rich text classes that became available with Version 6. These include the NotesRichTextNavigator and NotesRichTextDocLink. The NotesRIchTextDocLink class includes the database and document IDs so you can get to the linked documents to see when they were modified. See the help document of the NotesRichTextDocLink for processing all the links in a document.

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