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Need easy way to check every field on form for valid entries

A manager wants to know of an easy way to check a form, in order to reduce the amount of invalid data in a database. The bad data (missing data, invalid data type, etc.) is causing agents to come to a screeching halt.

We can enter documents into a database one at a time or by importing from a spreadsheet. With the number of folks entering data increasing (from two to about 20), we now end up with a lot of invalid data in the database because of bad data in the imported file. Once these documents are in the database, we have a number of agents that perform a variety of tasks. The problem is that when the agents encounter bad data (missing data, invalid data type, etc.), they come to a screeching halt.

Is there a quick and easy way to do a check on every field in the form to check for valid entries? When I talk about importing data, it could be anywhere from hundreds of documents at a time. Our existing agents will often run on anywhere from 500 to 1000 or more documents at a time. With the error checking, we'd like to take the ones that had bad values and move them to another view and continue on with the check without failing. Our platform is Windows 2000.

Two possible solutions come to mind.

If the form has field validation, you could use the computewithform method of the NotesDocument class to validate the form.

The second solution calls for you to change your import to create a different form. Once the imported form is validated, it can change to the existing form and be processed by the other agents. You can have a validation agent run against the newly imported documents, changing the form if they are acceptable or opening the document with all the errors highlighted for correction.

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