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Need to make XML file Web-accessible

I am getting 404 errors when I try to link files through the web on our Domino server. I have a Flash file called test.swf which I have dropped in the same folder (called webpage) as our Domino Website database. It seems like I should be able to access the file by typing www.mydomain.com/webpage/test.swf. But this is not the case. I keep getting a 404 error on all file types except the standard domino .nsf files.

The reason we need this to work is that our AS400 generates an XML file of various data. I have built a .swf Flash file to load this XML data and serve it up nicely on our website. I need to be able to automate this process by replacing the XML file every day with fresh data. Where could I put this file on my Domino server running on AS400 to make it web accessible?

In a default Domino configuration (on Win32) you would have your Domino executables here:
You would have your database directory here:
And (this is the important part) you would have your HTML directory here:

Let's say my website is www.acme.com. If I had my website with a database accessed with the URL www.acme.com/webpage/test.nsf, then I would access the swf-file on www.acme.com/test.swf -- if the file was placed in the root html-directory (c:lotusdominodatahtml).

I know that on AS/400, directories are probably not placed and called exactly like on Win32, but the important message here is that HTML files are not placed in the same directories as the Notes databases. You should look in the Domino directory for the active web configuration which will tell you where the HTML root directory is located. Where to look depends on your Domino version. On 6.5, using the Internet Sites view, you should look in Configuration->Web->Internet Sites->[your organization name]. There ought to be a document there to help you. Look for a tab called "Configuration" and then the field label "HTML directory."

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