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No one can see Lotus Sametime user is online

A Lotus Sametime user is online, but no one can see her.'s Sametime administration expert Mathew Newman expert explains how to troubleshoot this problem.

When one of my users logs onto Lotus Sametime instant messenger, it shows her as online to herself -- but she sees no one else online and no one can see her. She is not set up to block any other users. We tried rebooting the Lotus Sametime server with no luck. Do you have any suggestions?

  1. Open the "VPUserinfo.nsf" database located on your Lotus Sametime server and locate the record for your user.
  2. Check to see that there is only one instance of this user in the Sametime VPUserInfo database.

    I have seen instances where even though the records should be stored in canonical format, a user has had multiple Lotus Sametime records that confuse who is actually logging in, and what their individual settings are.

  3. Delete the record(s) for this user. I should warn you though that, there is a side effect -- the user will lose the buddy list they have created.
  4. Log the user into your Lotus Sametime server through the Sametime Connect client or Browser Connect client. The user should have a new (blank) buddy list.
  5. Check the user's Lotus Sametime configuration by choosing the "Options" menu, and then "Who can see if I am online."
  6. Make sure the setting is "Everybody can see if I am online." Add a new person or group to the Sametime buddy list, and then check to make sure the user can chat normally.

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