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Not authorized to open the database

I am having some problems with database ACL for the IDs created using a typical Web registration process. Before I pose the question let me explain the web registration process in the project.


1. A customized notes form is created for the web user registration.
2. The user accesses the Web site and applies for new registration and submits the form.
3. The application admin receives the submitted form and clicks the create ID button to create the person document in a secondary address book.
4. After creating the IDs, the Lotus script will add the ID to a ?group? in the primary address book, which is a member of ?main group? in the primary address book.
5. The Application contains the main group in the ACL with appropriate access level assigned (author with some roles).

The problem is after the create ID button is triggered, the ID creation has an immediate effect, but the database ACL doesn't take effect immediately. This means that after the IDs are created, the Web user is able to use the ID to logon from the Web site but unable to access the database even though the ID is a member of subgroup. The message reads: "you are not authorized to open the database".

Note: The above problem doesn't appear when we use our development server (5.08) but the problem persists when we installed it in the production server.
It probably has to do with group access being cached by the server. The indexer isn't refreshing the $Groups view, the $ServerAccess view, etc., immediately. That?s why you have your delay.

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