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Notes 6 Beta exams

I just read about the R6 Beta exams. Is this exam free of cost?

If I take the upgrade Beta exam will I still be able to take the gold test when it comes up? Where can I find study material for R6 sys admin?
I have not heard about the availability of Notes 6 Beta exams, either posted on the Lotus education, CLI, CLP or certification Web sites. I have also checked the Prometric Beta testing lists and they are not listed as being available there either.

With respect to the way Beta exams are handled, for the Notes R5 beta exam period the update exams were available free of charge. Anyone sitting on those exams was given a credit when the exams went Gold, and those with a sufficient pass mark were awarded the certification. I would imagine that when the Beta exams for Notes 6 are formally announced there will possibly be the same arrangement.

The rules and procedures for Beta exams differ from vendor to vendor and even from version to version. As a comparison, this was the information supplied during the Notes R5 beta period:

"Why is Lotus offering these exams for free? We want to be able to move these exams quickly from beta to gold status and in order to do that we need you to take them.

Why should you take a beta exam? You've got a better chance of passing!

Beta exams are made of more than double the number of items you would expect on a final exam. When we analyse beta exam results, we split those items into two separate forms, or versions. We then score each version. If you pass either, you're in! And don't forget, that if you receive an 80 or above on a beta exam, you get an automatic pass!

Our guarantee to you - a final score in 45 days or less! This is much faster than waiting for a final exam to publish, which can take 8 weeks or more."

So keep your eye on the Lotus Certification Web site for details and announcements on the availability of Notes 6 beta exams at:


Note: The preliminary exam competencies for Notes 6 are currently posted on the site.

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