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Notes 6.5 user getting 'Duplicate public name' error

Have a user getting "Duplicate Public Name CMEMOOBJECT in use Module CoreEmailClasses." How do I resolve this? The user is on Notes 6.5.

This issue is normally due to a "corruption" during the design replace or refresh on a mail database.

This is most likely happen if a design replace (during an upgrade) was performed at the user's Notes client, while the user's mail database was open, or alternatively if the mail database was present on the Notes 6 welcome page during the upgrade/refresh (for example, if the user has "Basic's Plus" or "Workplace" as the Notes welcome screen).

To repair this, replace the design of the user's mail file, either from the server console or from the users Notes client, with a "standard" welcome page selected.

To replace the design of the mail database from the Notes client:

  1. Close the user's mail database.
  2. Ensure that the Notes welcome page is the Notes default "Welcome" with "Basics" selected (that is, ensure that the mail database is not referenced in any way from the Notes client).
  3. Choose the "Databases" bookmark folder from the bookmark bar.
  4. Choose the "Workspace" bookmark.
  5. Once the Workspace is displayed, locate the chicklet for the user's mail database.
  6. Right-click the mail database chicklet and choose [Database] --> [Replace Design].
  7. From the replace design dialog, choose the user's home server and then the mail template you wish to implement.
  8. Choose [Replace].

To replace the design of the user's mail database on the server (do this only if the option listed above fails!), type the following at the server's command prompt.

load convert -r mail\youruser.nsf  *  mail6.ntf

This will run the conversion utility on the mail database:

  • with the filename, and in the path "mail\youruser.nsf"
  • replacing all of the design elements in the database "*"
  • With the standard Notes 6 mail template "mail6.ntf."

To replace the design with the extended mail template (mil6ex.ntf), or an alternate template, substitute the "mail6.ntf" reference.

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