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Open a DB dynamically using LotusScript

I want to be able to open a database dynamically using LotusScript. I wish to access the user's home server and then access the DB by a replica ID instead of using the path, as we use different paths at different servers. Do you have any sample script that can help me do this?

Assuming that by "home server" you mean the user's mail server, something like this should work:

Dim ses As New NotesSession 
Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace 
Dim mailServer As String 
mailServer = ses.GetEnvironmentString
("MailServer", True) 
If mailServer = "" Then 
Msgbox "Please change to a location 
where you have access to 
a server mail file.", 0, "title" 
Exit Sub 
End If 
Dim appDB As New 
NotesDatabase("", "") 
If appDB.OpenByReplicaID
(mailServer, "00001111222233334444
5555666677778888") Then 
Call ws.OpenDatabase(mailserver, 
End If

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