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Oracle through DECS via the Web connection returns 'Error creating product object'

I am trying to connect to an Oracle database through DECS via the Web. Basically, I have a hotspot on my form that runs the @Command (ToolsRunMacro), which runs an agent that connects to Oracle. When I run the agent I get, "Error creating product object" on the "Dim LC_Conn As New LCConnection("oracle")" line. When I run the agent manually through designer, the connection works.

I have the exact same code on my test system and it is working fine. What could possibly be causing this error? Thank you for you time.
The typical reason for getting an "Error creating product object" is because the client software, in your case the Oracle client, is either not installed or cannot be found by the Domino server. Make sure the appropriate Oracle client software is installed on the Domino server and you can log into the PL/SQL editor with the same user ID and password entered on the DECS Connection Document.

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